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In a nutshell, Kelly and Lindsey are Lucy and Ethel meet Ren and Stimpy.

Kelly and Lindsey met in 2008 in an UCB improv class and fell in love, in a non-lesbian way. The lightbulb turned on. "Are we really doing what we moved here to do? And more importantly, are we happy doing what we're doing?", we thought. The answer was no. And the solution was to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps to pursue what we love and to DO IT OURSELVES.

We started hosting a successful monthly variety show, inviting some of New York's best stand-up comics, storytellers, and sketch groups to perform. This show allowed us to consistently write and perform original material and tap into the pulse of New York's underground comedy scene. We took the momentum from our variety show and turned our sketches into the two woman play Kelly and Lindsey Do New York, a non-lesbian love story, which we performed to sold-out audiences last summer at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in Manhattan. We were even featured in the New York Times, see, look!!!!:

"These two women are in serious need of correction...[the show] is, in short, an hour hourlong cry for help." - Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times [full article]

We have performed all over New York in clubs, bars, basements, and comedy festivals, including The PIT, Comixx, and New York Underground Comedy Festival. We’ve also taken our show on the road, performing in the Greensboro Fringe Festival and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

Our most recent project is the 5 episode web series we produced, wrote, and starred in, Kelly and Lindsey Do New York, airing April 20. Watch the trailer here.

It’s the story of two sexy, off-beat twenty-somethings who live in New York and who will do just about anything to find fame, fortune, and true love. (But they’ll settle for a little recognition from Kareem at the bodega, enough money to pay rent, and mediocre sex from the bartender down the street.) Think Bridesmaids meets 2 Broke Girls except this is the real 2 Broke Girls, not the LA sitcom version. (And seriously … we’re broke.)

So, yes: we are the real New York City 2 Broke Girls looking for a little “Sex in the City”. We are trading in our Manolos for Toms (wait- who are we kidding, we never had Manolos in the first place), teaching children’s cooking classes and guiding Sex and the City tours to make rent (and then being too exhausted to pursue our real dreams), and looking for love (but getting peed on by homeless men instead-yes, that really happened). And we’re pretty sure we’re going to die alone, but at least we'll have each other.